Jedes Werk der Ausstellung hat einen Bezug / eine Referenz zu einem Song. Die Songliste / Referenz zu den 21 Werken der Ausstellung findet sich hier unten mit Titel des Werks / Interpret, Songtitel — und auch als Spotify-Playlist.
Look and Listen.

Titel des Werks / Interpret, Songtitel

  1. Carboot Soul / Nightmares On Wax, Les Nuits
  2. But I Won‘t Be Weeping Long / Nick Cave, The Weeping Song
  3. How Was I To Know That Something Beautiful Was On / The Late Call, Fribourg
  4. Float On / Modest Mouse, Float On
  5. Out In The Sunshine The Sun Is Mine / Soundgarden, Burden In My Hand
  6. Our Love Is Beautiful To See / The Doors, Wishful Sinful
  7. Can You Hear The Helicopters / PJ Harvey, This Mess We’re In
  8. One Day I Know We‘ll Find A Place Of Hope / PJ Harvey, A Place Called Home
  9. It‘s Too Early For The Circus / Tom Waits, Saving All My Love for You
  10. Down Beneath An Emerald Sky Sing, Annabel / Goldfrapp, Annabel
  11. Just Pull Me Along And Dont Let Go / Goldfrapp, Moon In Your Mouth
  12. Arctic Black / Pearl Jam, Black
  13. Blackstar Tangerine / Radiohead, Black Star
  14. So Let The Clouds Roll By Your Face / Smashing Pumpkins, Beautiful
  15. Tomorrow We Will Dream Together / Get Well Soon, Young Count Falls For Nurse
  16. Vertical Sundown / Animal Collective, Vertical
  17. Kiss Kiss Molly´s Lips / Nirvana, Molly‘s Lips
  18. Honey Here We Are, Dreaming In The Dark / Billie Marten, Milk & Honey
  19. This Is Not What You Wanted / Moderat, Bad Kingdom
  20. All Those Glowing Lights Are Lost / A Tale Of Golden Keys, Travelling Lights
  21. And If You Want To Bleed, Just Bleed / Nick Cave, Girl In Amber